Selenium Assignment – 4

Here is the fourth assignment in the series of real-time scenarios. In this assignment, you will practice various features of Selenium WebDriver like selecting from a dropdown, writing dynamic XPath for lists, iterating lists, invoking JavaScript, etc.

eBay search product project:


  • Open any browser of your choice (Mozilla firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari). Write the code in such a way that based on argument passed respective browser is selected.
  • Browse to website.
  • Enter a product in the search box on the homepage (say Apple Watches).
  • From categories dropdown, select category of your product (say Electronics).
  • Click the Search button.


  • Write a method to print the result of the product.
  • Write a method to print Nth product say 10th Product. (This should be a generic method)
  • Write a method to print all products from 1st page.
  • Write a method to print all products along with scroll down.

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Update — Please find the code of the assignment below —


Here is the link to the Fifth Assignment.

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