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a couple of years ago

I am working with Selenium Automation tool for almost five years now and has developed many Frameworks solving many challenges I faced automating Application under test. Listing down few of the challenges –

  • Synchronization.
  • Multiple Browser Testing.
  • Maintaining Web Elements.
  • Writing utilities like wait utility, interaction with excel sheet, sending emails, reports etc.

These are some of the challenges I have faced the list is long.

Recently, I came across a tool which looks promising – Katalon Studio which is like a wrapper written over Selenium.

It provides all the important feature which one needs from a framework like –

  • It’s free to use.
  • Provides a GUI to write test cases.
  • Writing and maintaining test cases is simple with features like drag and drop. dropdown select etc.
  • Provides inbuilt methods to use.
  • Object Repository.
  • Object Identification.
  • Reporting Feature.
  • Sending Email is easy.
  • Record and Play Feature.

and much more.

Let us start our journey of learning Katalon Studio. I will be going through tutorials both text and video in upcoming posts.

Environment Setup:

Let us set up the environment to start working with Katalon Studio.

Download and Install Katalon Studio:

Follow below screenshots to download and install:

Click Download.

Download Katalon Studio

Sign Up for Katalon Studio: Enter Name, Email Id and Password

Signup for Katalon

Select the Operating System:

Select the operating system

Fill up details, why are you using Katalon Studio.

4. Form Fill

After all these steps downloading will automatically start.

Once the download is successful, double-click katalon.exe to start.


Activate Katalon:

Activate Katalon

Create a new Katalon Project: Enter relevant Name and select the workspace.

Create a new project

Now, we are ready to start working with Katalon:

katalon Setup

Follow below video for more information on Katalon Studio and its Environment setup:

Now we are ready to start working with Katalon Studio. In the next tutorial, I will cover Running an end to end scenario using Katalon. Till then Keep Learning. For any queries or concerns, write us at saurabh@qatechhub.com


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