Installing TestNG in Eclipse

TestNG is an open source tool and is available with most of the IDEs as a plugin. To Install TestNG in eclipse follow below steps:

Step 1: Launch Eclipse.

Step 2: Click Help –> Install New Software.

Installing TestNG in eclipse

Step 3: Click  “Add” button in below snapshot.

Step4: In Name field type “TestNG” and in Location field type and click OK.

Installing TestNG in eclipse - URL

Step5: Select TestNG and click Next, accept license and wait for TestNG to get Install and click Finish.

Step6: Restart Eclipse, to verify that TestNG is installed successfully navigate to Window –> Preferences and verify that TestNG is included on the Preferences list.

TestNG is installed successfully and is ready to use.

In the next tutorial, we will introduce you to Annotations in TestNG.

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