Selenium Interview Questions

Selenium Interview Questions

If you are an Automation Engineer or working as a Manual tester and looking to switch to Automation profile, then this is a perfect place to start for Interview preparation. The level of Interview questions for Selenium Automation profile depends on the experience of the candidate.

If you have experience somewhere between 2-5 years then you can expect more questions from Selenium itself. But if you have more than 5 years of experience then get ready for questions related to the framework, design patterns, CI (Continous Integration), CD (Continous Delivery) etc.

Topics to cover for Interviews:

Selenium As a Subject:

In Selenium WebDriver cover topics like All Selenium basic Commands, How to work with different browsers, Synchronization using different wait commands, Scenarios like Window switching, Alert Handling, Frame Handling, Different Mouse Operation, Locators and Identifiers – especially XPath and CSS Selector, working with dropdown, tables etc, Integration of Selenium with other Automation tools like AutoIT, Sikuli etc.

Below are some frequently asked questions in Selenium Interviews:

Selenium Interview Question – 1

Selenium Interview Question – 2

Selenium Interview Question – 3

Selenium Interview Questions

Any Programming Language like Java, C# etc.

Here at Qa Tech Hub, we are focusing on Selenium with Java.

In Java programming language, you can go through 1. Basics of Programming like Data Type, Operators, Conditional Statements etc.; 2. Arrays, Looping statements like for loop, enhanced for loop, while, do-while 3. OOPs Concepts – Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction, Data Hiding 4. Collections class – Lists, Sets, 5. Maps 6. String Handling 7. Exceptional Handling etc.

Testing Framework (TestNG):

This is one of the important topics while preparing for Interviews for Selenium Automation profile. Here, expectations would be like “How to Integrate TestNg with Selenium, Different Annotations and Assertions, Grouping of test cases, Enabling/Disabling test cases, running test cases parallelly or on multiple browsers, etc.

Continuous Integration Tool (Jenkins):

CI another popular section; Continous Integration Testing means running function tests periodically. Jenkins is one of the popular tool available for CI. The expectations of Interviewer here will be to have knowledge about the creation of jobs and running them regularly (at the same time every day or week), or to execute the test cases based on some events, sending emails of fail/pass test cases to all stakeholders, etc.

Other Areas to explore for Interviews:

Build Management Tools like Maven or GitHub

BDD (Behavioural Driven Development) using Cucumber Framework

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All the best to all those preparing for Interviews. Happy Learning.. 🙂